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Catch .22 Storage Dispenser. Ensure smooth feeding with clean ammo!

Designed by world-renowned craftsman Blackie Collins. This Catch .22 Dispenser lets you chuck those flimsy cardboard factory boxes, while keeping each round safe from dust, dirt and muck.

Load up:

Prevents contamination from dust or debris
Organizes cartridges in 10 staggered holes of 5 rounds each
Clips right to your belt or pocket for quick access
Sliding lid for easy access, with detents to protect rest of rounds
Fastest, easiest way to load tubular mag .22 rifles.
Clean shooting for a healthy rifle!

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It's just like my box of tic tac gum... nothing to more to know. Move a long...

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I have this and it is pretty freaking handy. Nice belt clip can be either used on the belt (duh) or so it rides on the top of your front pocket. Also, it is nice that all the tubes hold 5 rounds so it is easy to fill most semiauto .22’s that have 10 round mags by just sliding the top two clicks.

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does it rattle or make noise when you walk with it clipped on your belt or pocket

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Put padding in the places where it rattles or put it in a pack dummy boy.

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I have never noticed noise but it might make a little.

Edit, just tried and it does rattle quite a bit.

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that sux
but thanks for the effort and info

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