California: Due to California laws and regulations pertaining to firearms and firearms use, All RONI, RONI STABILIZERS, MICRO RONI, & MICRO RONI STABILIZER PISTOL CARBINE CONVERSION KITS are not authorized for sale or use in the State of California.
Micro Roni Stabilizer pistol carbine conversions. Available for Glock pistols. 9mm and .40 cal – Insert your handgun and transform it into an SBR in mere seconds.
Micro RONI Stabilizer
The Micro RONI Stabilizer enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance. It also comes with a hook and loop fastener provides a custom fit to any user. Designed mainly for the US market only, The Micro RONI Stabilizer is made with aluminum along with a polymer body made for various Glocks. The Micro RONI features a folding mechanism for a sturdier position and equipped with an adjustable nylon brace.
- Equipped with a right-folding stabilizing brace
- No pistol disassembly required – Just place into the kit and lock
- Provides a long Picatinny rail – Allows combining two devices
- Gives two extra right and left Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories
- Ambidextrous, easy and fast charging handle
- Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety
- Front integral tactical light (Not Included)
- Front and Rear Flip up sights (Not Included)
UPC#: 814716017456

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I can’t wait to rock this thing at the range. Everybody will think I’m from the future!

0 votes
0 votes

A very ghey and very sad future. Probably something democrats caused.

1 vote
0 votes

i may get one if they include flame thrower and rocket launcher.....

1 vote
1 vote

Heard the next version comes with a fleshlight and lube dispenser.

1 vote
0 votes

If I see someone with one of these I will laugh so hard I will almost certainly drop my real gun. Please don't make me drop my gun.

1 vote
1 vote

This is literally the dumbest thing ever. Does anyone even know anybody who owns one?? ( cue cricket chirping)

2 votes
0 votes

Found them.

1 vote
0 votes

Now you know; if the Transformers were a pistol carbine thingamajig this is what it would look like.

1 vote
0 votes

"I've got a great idea! Why not mall ninja the fuk out of my Glock! All I have to do is slap it into a giant plastic heap, add some lights, and strap it to my arm. All my brony bras are going to be so jelly when I show up at the range with this"-sarc off.

5 votes
1 vote

Dude don't you know, this is for when you are only able to carry a pistol but need a carbine while protecting said mall. Just pull this thingamajig out of your shirt pocket and 45 seconds later you have the exact same gun but weighing more and less reliable. What's not to love for the low, low price of only half the handgun's original purchase price? You sound jelly to me ;)

1 vote
0 votes

I so jelly :(

2 votes
1 vote
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