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The First Affordable VHF, 1.25M, UHF Tri-Band Handheld Transceiver
A PC03 Cable is Recommended for Easy PC Programming (CHIRP Supported)
Backward Compatible with UV-5R and BF-F8HP Accessories
New Features and Menus

Simultaneous Display: For those that want to have the most information at their fingertips - you can 'Sync' the dual displays to show both the name and frequency. This allows the displays to be synched to the same channel while browsing your channel memories.
Channel Skip: Easily add or remove a channel from the scanning list.
Frequency Scanning: When scanning in the Frequency (VFO) Mode, you can easily enter in the range and frequency steps that you want to scan without scanning the full frequency band.
ANI Updates: Along with being able to previously send ANI (Identification); You can now enable "Decoding" the ANI right on the display
Remote Commands: The UV-5X3 can respond to remote commands. By remotely sending DTMF tones you can both 'Stun' (Transmit Disable) or 'Kill' (Disables all functions) the radio. You also can 'Revive' a radio from its "stun" or "kill" state. You can also remotely turn on the microphone 'Monitor' or ensure the radio is within range 'Inspect' (replies with a confirmation tone within range).
In the Box:
UV-5X3 Radio
1500mAh Battery
V-85 Dual Band Antenna
220MHz Single Band Antenna
CH-5 Charger
CH-5 110V Adapter
Earpiece Kit
Wrist Strap
Belt Clip
User Manual
Frequency Range (MHz): 65-108 (Rx only), 130-179.99MHz (Rx/Tx), 220-225.99MHz (Rx/Tx), 400-520.99MHz (Rx/Tx)
Memory channels: 128 Channels
Selective Calling Methods Supported: CTCSS, DCS, Tone Burst, DTMFs
Scanning Modes: Channel, Frequency, and Tone
Frequency step (kHz): 2.5K/5.0K/6.25K/10.0K/12.5K/20.0K/25.0K/50.0K
Power Output: High: 5W (VHF) / 4W (1.25M/UHF) - Low Power: 1W
Model number#: UV-5X3

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