An armor carrier does more than secure your choice plates; it also gives a platform for a variety of other uses. This bundle opens up those uses to you at 55% off.If you want to complete a Testudo loadout, all you’ll need is the pouches, economy sling, and side plates. The Invictus/Valkyrie comes with extra side pockets. The Veritas comes with a cummerbund and side pockets to accommodate the side plates.Every bundle includes the following items to complete your plate carrier loadout:The Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Pouch accommodates all common pistol magazines in single or double stack form, from .22LR to .50AE, and everything in between- even Five-Seven. That being said, it’s the perfect companion to our Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Pouch, with no significant addition to your overall setup’s weight at just 1.9 ounces.The Multi-Rifle Magazine Pouch accommodates all common rifle magazines and is capable of accommodating magazines such as 5.56x45 (.223), 7.62x39 AK, or 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Winchester). This bundle offers these pouches in its double configuration; get twice the amount of ammo on you.The Admin Pouch is a low-profile (3.2 oz) pouch for carrying small items such as a compass, small pieces of paper, or pens and pencils. As with all our pouches, it is made of durable 500D Cordura® nylon with Hypalon® pull tabs.The General Purpose Pouch is a rugged, 6.5”x6”x3” MOLLE-compatible pouch, large enough to store most smaller items like GPS or small binoculars, with an internal divider for simple organization and a Velcro® patch panel on the front. Another flexible piece of gear to complete the kit.The included Economy Sling is a two-point longarm sling with an adjustable 1.5” webbing for the body, 1” webbing at the connection ends, and paracord loops for attachment. A simple and compact solution to having your long gun with you at all times. The accompanying 6”x8” Level III Steel plates are rated to stop all rifle threats, and unlike ceramic or polyethylene alternatives, are capable of protecting against several direct hits within a small area. It also is thinner than competing materials.All Loadouts Include:1 x Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Double Pouch (MCPMP)1 x Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Double Pouch1 x Admin Pouch1 x Economy Sling1 x General Purpose Pouch2 x Level III 6" x 8" Multi-Curve, Base Coat PlatesAdditional items included for the following carrier selections:Invictus/Valkyrie2 x Single Padded Side Plate PouchesVeritas1 x Veritas Laser Cummerbund1 x Veritas Flap
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