This 5.56 chambered 16 inch Pencil Barrel is Carbine Length, and is assembled with a barrel nut, handguard end cap, and a pinned gas block. The gas block is a reinforced, double pinned, low-profile FSB-style gas block with a bayonet lug for attachments.

Length - 16"
Calibe - 5.56 NATO
Profile - Pencil
Finish - Black Nitride
Gas System Length - Carbine
Gas Block Journal - .625"
Twist Rate - 1:8 inches
Muzzle - 1/2x28 Threaded

***This barrel comes double pinned with a lo-pro gas block. The gas block must be unpinned and disassembled in order to remove the barrel nut and handguard end cap from the barrel.***

UPC: 860006521896

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I'm struggling to get this to cycle properly. I tried with an aftermarket gas block and it just doeson't flow enough gas. Maybe I'll try with the stock block.

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What buffer spring and weight are you using? What ammo?

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I believe this barrel is manufactured by Bushmaster.

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