Google's War on Guns - Google has removed App from Android Play Store

A month ago, Google has removed our mobile app from the play store. Google has informed us that it has removed all apps that facilitate the sale of firearms.

Here is the explanation they sent us:

"After review, has been suspended and removed from Google Play due to a policy violation.

Issue: Violation of Dangerous Products policy

We don't allow apps that facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition or certain firearms accessories. We also don’t allow apps that provide instructions for the manufacture of explosives, firearms, ammunition, restricted firearm accessories, or other weapons."

For all Android users, our app can still be downloaded and used via this link

Simply navigate to our website using your mobile phone and click on Apps or directly here
and follow the instructions.

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I guess the f'n libtards at goiglevwill also ban:
Car ads, knife ads, mentioning of hammers, ropes, chains, and motorcycles! Those things facilitate people getting killed as well...
Then they can ban books they dont like, religions, political viewpoints (OH SHIT, THEY ALREADY DO THAT), and then blame global warming on the white man.

Great to see, this administration is going to pursue Google for Anti-Trust violations. Hopefully they don't let them off the hook with a stinking $5 Billion fine like they did with those Assholes over at FakeBook. The fine should be big enough so Google never even thinks about perpetrating this kind of BS on us ever again. I say, the fine should be about half of Googles market value. Let's bust some chops here.

Google needs to stop playing God. For me personally I prefer the website on my phone, but this is absolute tyranny at play by the Google.

Hey Google! Fuck you! And all the rest of your Liberal Democratic Fucks!

What can be said but sad..... so fucking sad. I love others posts about not banning Walmart,Dick's in the butt, Amazon and countless other Big Box high traffic stores...

I suppose they'll certainly be removing the amazon app, walmart, and all the other retailers that meet any of those criteria.
Unprincipled cucks selectively enforcing their bulls*

I switched to duckduckgo awhile ago.

Fuck google.

People: DO NOT USE GOOGLE or Yahoo, Bing. Use startpage, duckduckgo, yandex, etc.

I like this coment best, i could care less for google, glad to see there are other options

Google, my second amendment right trumps any intolerant panty-waste butthurt snowflake opinion you may have. You may not approve or like guns, but someday you will be glad for the millions that do when we have to defend the whiny likes of you from some enemy of the US. Yes, I am aware that this is not a Google forum and they may or may not ever read this comment, but I felt it needed to be posted on here also.

One wonders if "Googers" are elitist-privileged money people, having servants/private security; safely living in gated communities not affected by street crime, unconcerned over outsider, "little people's" lives and increasing death rates via their support for "gun control" (due to honest, law-abiding citizens being dis-armed victims for violent criminals who violate and do not follow gun control laws)?

"Don't be evil". You and your employees are also susceptible to bad guys Googs, and if everything is banned as in some countries guess, who will win? =(

I heard they recently removed that, stating it was just symbolic. *rolls eyes*

Their business, their rules.

Write Google and protest their action.

Sorry to hear it!!

DuckDuckgo does not collect any search data on its users.
Google will see the light when their user numbers drop.

Google is very liberal. They sensor what they want. Search something in Google then search the same exact thing in any other search engine and you'll see. Screw them.

Google is leftist scum.

Thank you for posting this.

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