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39 months ago , by Dealer
Introduction The Christensen Arms Rifle Incentive is here to heat up this year's rifle season and how! We want to see you hunting with a Christensen Arms rifle, so don't hesitate! Get a FREE $100 or $250 Scopelist Gift Card on purchase of select Christensen Arms rifles or Christensen Arms handguns until November 31, 2017. With hunting season coming into full swing, this is the perfect offer to help you make the most of it. Stock on both rifles and handguns is limited. Shop now.
47 months ago , by Dealer
Introduction CA-15 Recon Rifles are excellent patrol rifles and a popular choice for contemporary, lightweight sporting rifle requirements. Not only are these custom-built AR-style rifles well put-together and tested, but also rounded off with some of the most unique qualities and biggest weight savings.