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14 months ago
Product Code: CARCANO0002 Act now before the Very Good Condition Cavalry Carbines $134.99 are gone! Comes with a free clip! Almost $100 in savings! You will never ever get a beautiful Carcano at this price again.
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32 months ago
Make: Italian Model: Italian M91 Moschetto Carcano Cavalry Carbine Caliber: 6.5mm Carcano Bore Condition: These rifles will have bores that are mostly in good condition. They are still packed with cosmoline and will need a good cleaning. Bore condition is not guaranteed. Matching Numbers: Some of these carbines have matching stocks. However, not all of them are matching. Matching numbers not guaranteed. Metal Condition: Metal finish is generally good. Some areas of pitting and some surface rust might be encountered. No guarantees on metal condition
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