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1 week ago
Details Manufacturer: Zastava Arms Product Line: M91 Caliber: 7.62x54r Action: Semi-Automatic Barrel Length: 24" Capacity: 10+1 Magazines Included: 2 Optic: POSP 4x24 Rifle Scope Finish: Black Features
2 months ago
This M91 semi-automatic sniper rifle is designed based on the well-known and battle-proven Kalashnikov system. This model was developed at the request of multiple police and military forces needing a DMR rifle that is robust and reliable. This rifle features exceptional precision at extended distances, and has been proven in numerous field trials and confirmed in extreme environments. The barrel on this rifle is made of high-quality materials, and its interior is chrome plated, which provides long service life and excellent precision. SKU: 682863126105 MPN: SR91762