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24 months ago
BudsGunShop.comManufacturer: Charter Arms - Mks SupplyManufacturer part number: 53230BudsGunShop.comManufacturer: Charter Arms - Mks SupplyManufacturer part number: 53230
25 months ago
You may never have considered a .32 for concealed carry. But Charters Undercoverette is out to change your mind! This revolver offers potent Magnum stopping power making it ideal for home protection. Yet it has a short 2 barrel making it easy to conceal and carry. The Undercoverette also offers lighter recoil, making it a comfortable revolver for recreational shooting. Safety, reliability, stopping power, less recoilthe Undercoverette delivers. Model: 73220 Finish: Stainless Frame: Stainless steel Grip: Full Barrel length: 2" Capacity: 5-shot Caliber: .32 H&R Mag Hammer: Standard