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14 months ago
FEDERAL 7MM MAUSER 140GR SP POWER-SHOK AMMUNITION 20RDS - 7B - Power Shok provides you with consistent and proven performance without a high dollar price tag. Find less popular classic calibers in this line along with good quality standard bullets to do the job on game. It's perfect for culling and doe hunting expeditions. SKU: 4620 UPC: 029465084417 MFR#: 7B Federal 7B Power-Shok 7mmX57mm Mauser Speer Hot-Cor SP 140GR 20Box/10Case
14 months ago
FEDERAL 7MM MAUSER 175GR SP RN POWER-SHOK AMMUNITION 20RDS - 7A - The traditional lead-core hunting bullets in Federal® Power•Shok® rifle loads provide solid accuracy and power at an affordable price. They feature reliable Federal brass, primers and powder and are suited to a wide variety of medium and big game. SKU: 4622 UPC: 029465084400 MFR#: 7A Caliber: 7mm Mauser Bullet Weight: 175 Grains Muzzle Velocity: 2390 Bullet Style: Jacketed Soft Point
25 months ago
7mm Mauser (7x57) ammo, FN Belgian Surplus with a 173gr FMJ round nose nickel plated bullet (magnetic). Brass case, Berdan primed, and corrosive. Comes packed in 100rd box. Made by FN (Fabrique Nationale d-Armes de Guerre, Herstal-Lez-Leige - Belgique) in the 1930's for Venezuela (Ejercito Nacional Venezuelano). Expect tarnishing on the brass, and misfires/duds/hangfires from age. 5-2170
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