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5 hours ago
The RWS .22 Hornet is ideal for fox and hare hunting because it causes little damage to the game's meat and pelt. For this reason, it is often also used for hunting wood grouse or black grouse. The ideal firing distance is slightly less than 100 m, as this small bullet is a little wind-sensitive. Because of its low recoil, the small caliber is very popular with female and male hunters.
1 week ago
Combine accuracy, consistency, reliable performance and an affordable price tag, and the result is the perfect round for the avid varmint hunter. American Eagle Varmint & Predator loads feature reloadable brass and Federal primers with a jacketed hollow-point bullet that expands explosively on impact for maximum lethality. They're offered in 40- or 50-count bulk packs perfect for high-volume shooting. Specifications for Federal Premium VARMINT / PREDATOR .22 Hornet 35 grain Tipped Varmint Centerfire Rifle Ammunition: Caliber: .22 Hornet Number of Rounds: 50