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5 days ago
Molecular science meets ballistics, and the result is Federal Premium® Fusion® Rifle Ammo – the next generation of high-performance hunting ammo. Years in the making, Fusion bonds the copper jacket to the lead core at the molecular level to totally eliminate component separation. The result is superior downrange transfer of terminal energy and outstanding bullet weight retention. The optimized boattail profile ensures excellent flight characteristics and accuracy. A skived tip provides lethal long-range expansion potential without minimizing short-range tenacity.
16 months ago
Flat rate shipping is only $14.95 Wolf Military Classic is economically priced ammunition for high volume shooting. Wolf centerfire rifle ammunition is 100% non-corrosive and features a boat-tailed projectile design for maximum down range energy retention and improved accuracy. Available in standard military FMJ (full metal jacket) and for hunting applications HP (hollow point) and SP (soft point). WOLF MC3006FMJ145 MLT 3006 145 500 Mfg Item Num: MC3006FMJ145 Model Number: Military Classic Purpose: Home Defense/Personal Protection Series: Steel Case Unit of measure: CS