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20 months ago , by Dealer
Just arrived in sealed spam cans of 380 rounds. Romanian Surplus 8mm Mauser featuring there 150gr FMJ bullet. Manufactured in 1976. This ammunition is corrosive so be for warned to clean your weapon properly. Great shooting, accurate ammunition at a reasonable price. To save even more, for being a loyal Slick Guns user. We will take another $5 off, just use coupon code "SLICK5" during checkout.
21 months ago , by Dealer
8MM Mauser Crate 900 Rounds Loose 1950's Yugo Production Brass Corrosive Non Reloadable M49 Bullet
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42 months ago
PPU Metric Caliber Rifle Ammo. SUPER AFFORDABLE! Made using topnotch materials and manufactured to exacting standards and tight tolerances, this is HOT ammo for hunting and plinking, made affordable! From Prvi Partizan, the top Serbian munitions manufacturer. All calibers and bullet types are boxer-primed, non-corrosive, made with standard and spherical powders. Reloadable brass cases.Cartridge: 8mm Mauser AmmoBullet Weight (grains): 198Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket Boat TailMuzzle Velocity (f.p.s.): 2,182Muzzle Energy (ft.-lbs.): 2,072Rounds: 20!!! Limited Quantities !!!