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8 months ago
License Requirement None Manufacturer Hornady Mfg. Part Number 81353 UPC 090255813531 Caliber/Gauge .257 Roberts Number of Rounds 20 Ammo Rounds 1-50 Rounds per Box 20 Boxes per Case 10 Ammo Casing Brass Price Per Round 1.3206 Ammo Application Performance/Protection Ammo Shot Type Not Specified Bullet Type SST Muzzle Energy 2253 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity 2945 fps Item #: AMM-HRNDY-81353
44 months ago
Ammo comes with an extra 200 F.P.S. that flattens trajectory, reduces wind drift and delivers more smack-down energy on target, with no increase in recoil or muzzle blast. Exactly what you'd expect from Hornady... give your shooting an upgrade, here for LESS!
111 months ago
Nosler Custom Ammunition, Trophy Grade - Caliber: 257 Roberts +P - Grain: 110 - Bullet Type: AccuBond - Muzzle Velocity: 3000 fps - Per 20 - Use: Medium Game SKU: 60010-5955 UPC: 054041600101 Manufacturer: Nosler Manufacturer part number: 60010