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7 months ago
An expandable storage system for your pistols, Hyskore® Modular Pistol Racks make storage easy. Take advantage of the modular construction to expand capacity by adding more racks. Made of high-density, closed-cell, nonreactive foam with a suedelike surface to protect the finish of your handguns, this rack does not absorb moisture and will not react with lubricants or solvents for lasting protection and service. - Expandable storage system for pistols - Modular construction - High-density, closed-cell, nonreactive foam construction
11 months ago
3-gun Pistol Rack for upright protection. High-density foam EVA does not absorb water or oil. Unit keeps your handgun upright, secure, protected and easy to grab. Ideal for scratch-free storage in a gun safe / vault. 8 x 7 1/2 x 6"h., 6 ozs. Can combine multiple Racks. SKU#: E709R-96187 UPC#: 053807300026 ($12.59)
16 months ago
The Hyskore® Modular Pistol Rack provides easy, organized storage for up to 12 pistols. Semi-rigid closed cell foam dividers protect your gun's finish and are water- and oil-resistant. Holds up to 12 pistols Semi-rigid closed cell foam dividers are water- and oil-resistant Ample space for single or double stack magazines 1.34"w. at grip end, 0.86" at space for barrel/slide 20.25"l. x 7.5"d. x 6"h. Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 709406 Construction: Semi-rigid closed cell foam Dimensions: 20.25"l. x 7.5"d. x 6"h. Mfg. Number: 30312 709406
29 months ago
Unlike rests that require heavy weights, the DLX uses compression damper technology to progressively absorb recoil; thus eliminating damage to gun, stock, or Bedding. After each shot the gun returns to battery to put you right on target. The rest is constructed from powder coated welded steel, and the set includes a remote Hydraulic trigger release to eliminate any human motion contamination. Convenient and portable it weighs just 13 lbs. With the compression damper in place it will handle anything from a .270 win up to a .375 h & h. ASIN#: B002P7YGE2 Model number#: 1003629
64 months ago
HyskoreTM Gun and Gear Rack holds rifles and houses hunting accessories in one convenient location! Easily mount this Gun and Gear Rack on your garage or den wall for simple storage or proud display of your hunting tools. Great for game calls, scopes, binoculars, walkies and more, plus room for 10 rifles in the included foam gun holder. Made with durable metal construction for years and years of reliable construction. All mounting hardware included to create 30-lb. load-bearing capacity.16 3/4 x 9 x 8 1/2 "h., weighs approx. 4 lbs., 3 ozs.Smart storage! Order yours ONLINE now!
68 months ago
Hyskore® Stereo Electronic Hearing Protector. Use at the range or in noisy work environments! SAVE! Hearing loss can happen at 85 dB. And gun reports, construction zones or constantly working around heavy machinery can have levels WAY above that. That's why these ear muffs shut down instantly when decibel levels exceed 85. When sound levels are lower, they operate normally, allowing you to hear even a regular conversation.