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Taran was called upon once again to create the ultimate pistol to help John, quite simply put, kill them all. The Pit Viper was created specifically for JW4, to be the apex fighting pistol. Not only is this gun poised to take the crown for the most badass handgun in Hollywood history, Taran sent it (incognito) to take the overall title at the first ever USPSA 2-Gun Nationals in 2021. The Pit Viper was designed before the Sand Viper, but had to wait in the shadows to strike until now. The Pit Viper let its sister take the limelight—which completely set the industry on fire with no Hollywood movie behind her... (yet)
Like the Sand Viper, nothing has been compromised in making this serpents hidden fangs strike. With a built in static fiber optic front sight, single port compensator, ghost profile adjustable rear sight, Extreme Engineering LiteSpeed Fire Control System, Aftec Extractor, and seamlessly blended grip safety delivers reliability, accuracy and ergonomics like no other. This is the ultimate handgun.
- 5 Inch Large Single Port Compensator With DLC Coated Match Grade Barrel
- Precision cut
- Traditional Full Wrap Stipple (Not silicon carbide)
- Black DLC Coating on Frame and High Polished Slide
- Extreme Engineering Fire Control Group (Lite Speed Hammer, Ultra Low Mass Sear, Match Disconnector and Titanium Hammer Strut)
- Aftec Extractor
- TTI Carry Magwell
- Extended Slide Release
- Extended Checkered Mag release
- 1.75-2.25 LBS trigger pull
- Stainless Steel Guide Rod
- Ultimate Ergonomic Beavertail and Safety Fit
- Ambidextrous Blended Safety
- Accessory Rail Cut
- DLC Coated Steel Checkered Mainspring Housing
- Extended Firing Pin
- TTI Grip Job
- Built in Bladed Stand-Off (Fangs)
- Includes two 126mm and one 140mm completed magazines (One 126mm with 7mm base pad, One 126mm with 3mm base pad & One 140mm with 7mm base pad)

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You guys are such jerks on here just because you can't afford it go shoot your sccy or hi points. It will be a very collectible gun all shoots spectacular

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1 vote

Lol… whom ever pays 7k for this tool must really be sitting on a mighty horse. Or probably the horse himself. Or maybe a donkey— or likely an inferior king such as a colt or should I say an ass or a dumbass?

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1 vote

Just read how stupid the description reads, "making this serpents hidden fangs strike" lol.

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0 votes

if it was $7 million i would buy it

2 votes
1 vote

Danny: LOL @ the $7 million figure !! I remember that number from the movie.

1 vote
0 votes

Only 7 Gs? Thank you Taran! What a bargain! You're losing money if you don't buy it!

0 votes
1 vote

Santa? You paying attention?

1 vote
2 votes
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