A compensator is designed to take the high-energy propellant gasses from firing a round and redirect them in a way that reduces muzzle rise, felt recoil, or both. What if your comp could do more? Enter the Strike Industries Mass Driver Compensator! Unlike traditional handguns compensators, the Mass Driver's unique advanced design pushes forward as the slide kicks back. Now it not only redirects the propellant gasses to keep your muzzle flat, the reciprocating mass of the compensator pushing away from the slide helps to counteract felt recoil! The Mass Driver was designed to match the dimensions of your slide, allowing it to be used with popular open-bottom holsters, and can be installed without needing a threaded barrel or any permanent modification to your firearm.


- Fits Glock Gen 3 G17 full size handguns
- Counter recoil design
- Snag-free blended design
- Precision CNC machined steel construction
- Tough Manganese Phosphate finish
- 50 state legal
- Does not require threaded barrel
- Does not require permanent modification
Note:Not compatible with Gen4/5 handguns
Strike Industries products are designed by shooting experts for the shooting sportsman. They have anything from AR-15 parts and accessories to Glock components so you can completely customize your set up no matter what you run. Their complete line of innovative products come in a huge variety of colors and finishes so you can not only customize function, but personalize your look. You can’t go wrong with Strike Industries.
Brand: Strike Industries
Finish: Manganese Phosphate
Material: Steel
Suppressor Mount: Non-Mount
Thread Pattern: Unthreaded
Type: Compensator

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Will this work on gloock 22 gen. 3

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Anyone know if this will work on a 17C?

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I have it on my 19C

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Awesome thanks. Does it make a difference?

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