Ready America 3000 The Survival Box - $5.20 (add on item)

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Get the basic life supplies in a convenient, easy to store box. Provides enough food and water to sustain 1 person for 3 days. Each kit contains 6 individually sealed water pouches, 1-2400 calorie food bar and 1 lightweight, compact blanket which retains 90% body heat and can double as a rain poncho or shelter. 5 year shelf life, from date of manufacture, US Coast Guard approved food and water. Box is bilingual in Spanish and English. Keep one handy wherever you spend the most time.
Model number#: 3000

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Survival
UPC: 753962030003
MPN: 3000
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Better off buying energy bars

Better off buying energy bars and about 4 bottles of water, the blanket is garbage, save yourself 5-6 bucks and just get what i stated , it is very bland, the water is small, 3 days? more like 1.5 days...I buy lot of amazon related survival shit and this one is on my shit list.

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Just wanted to say thanks for

Just wanted to say thanks for taking a second to
Save the rest of us if this is as crappy as it seems...
I have been not even reading comments lately because
They are always just bs so it was nice to seee somethungnusaefuk for omce


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I personally think this is

I personally think this is not a bad deal at $5 (not the normal $10 though). I thought about the energy bar and bottle water solution too. While they are cheaper both will have a very limited life span. The energy bars will expire in about 12 months and I doubt a bottle of water would last a single summer anywhere near the Mason Dixon line or south. If you can remember to rotate out the stock it might be the better option (plus you have cheap water and snacks always on hand), however if you are like me I would rather the ease of every 5 years.

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*see something useful for

*see something useful for once

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