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The SLx 3x MicroMagnifier with ACSS Pegasus reticle is an exciting approach at optical magnifiers, combining high-clarity 3x magnification with a miniaturized body and a built-in ranging reticle. This new optic is part of Primary Arms’ SLx line. SLx optics built Primary Arms Optics’ reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve users in any environment.
- ACSS Pegasus ranging reticle
- 3x Magnification
- 21mm Objective lens diameter
- 7.0mm Exit pupil
- 5.3 ounces
- Compact design
Weighing only 5.3 oz, the SLx 3x MicroMagnifier is a miniaturized, lightweight magnifier that extends the effective range of a red dot sight or 1x prism scope. The SLx 3x MicroMagnifier features an innovative ‘micro-sized’ design that reduces its footprint compared to traditional magnifiers. This makes it ideal for close-quarters carbines, where agility, ergonomics, and handling speed are paramount.
The SLx 3x MicroMagnifier is also the first magnifier with an option for ACSS Pegasus, a specialized ranging tool designed specifically for optic magnifiers. While most magnifiers simply magnify the primary optic’s reticle, the ACSS Pegasus adds an auto ranging ladder to the system, allowing marksmen to range and engage their targets more effectively. The low-profile offset design integrates seamlessly with your optic’s existing reticle, and the intuitive layout makes it easy to derive precise range estimates in seconds.
Brand: Primary Arms
Exit Pupil Diameter: 7.0 mm
Eye Relief: 2.40 in
Field View 100: 35.2 ft
Magnification: 3X
Manufacturer: Primary Arms
Weight: 5.3 Oz
MPN#: 510011

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Made in where? Communist China? I love PA, but not willing to support what’s going on over in China. Short term gain but long term pain.

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Lmao. 99% of the stuff you use day to day was made in China. Unless you make your own clothes or buy a 100% US made phone, car, or computer, it's coming from China.

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Other than the range finding reticle, how does this compare to Sig Juliet3 Micro, which is slightly cheaper and includes a decent mount?

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Sig is almost double the weight, has smaller exit pupil, narrower FOV, and I wonder why Sig doesn’t list the eye relief.

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Bought a Juliet3 Micro for $128 shipped last week. Couldn't find any comparison review between Juliet3 and SLx 3X Micro. From the specs, FOVs on both are identical. Juliet3 comes on a fairly heavy mount, so the weight of the magnifier itself shouldn't be the much different. Juliet3 has fairly reasonable eye relief, eye box and image quality, especially for the price. I don't have an SLx so I can't compare them, and thus the question.

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Where did you get the Juliet3 Micro for $128 shipped?

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GunZoneDeals $118 plus $10 shipping. The price has since gone up but still much cheaper considering the mount.

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My bad

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1 vote
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