Mossberg MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol
Trouble is unpredictable. It shows up without warning. It rears its ugly head when and where you least expect it. Trouble has no conscience. No regrets. No remorse. So be prepared. And be protected. Introducing the MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol by Mossberg. Combining optimal shootability with superior ergonomics, the MC1sc features an optimized grip angle for easier targeting, a flat-profile trigger for an improved pull, and a exclusive Safe Takedown System™: a design that does not require the user to pull the trigger during the disassembly process. The MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol. Be ready to strike back. Built to Carry.
Made to Protect.
The MC1sc was built for concealment with its slim, dehorned profile that allows for a snag-free draw. Weighing only 22 ounces fully loaded, its lightweight and durable polymer construction is perfect for everyday carry. And with its grip palm swell, the MC1sc will feel natural and comfortable in your hand. Grip panels are integrated with aggressive texturing for added control. It all adds up to the ultimate concealed carry firearm.
Caliber 9mm
Frame Subcompact
Capacity 6-Round Flush-Fit / 7-Round Extended
Safety Integrated Trigger Blade Safety
Barrel Length 3.40"
Barrel Rifling Button Rifled Six Groove
Sight White 3-Dot
Sight Radius 5.4"
Twist 1:16 RH Twist
Trigger Flat-Profile Trigger
Trigger Pull 5-6 lbs.
Trigger Travel .5"
Frame Finish Polymer, Matte Black
Barrel Finish 416 Stainless Steel, DLC
Slide Finish 416 Stainless Steel, DLC
Weight 19 oz (Unloaded), 22 oz (Loaded)
Length 6.25"
Height 4.30"
Width 1.03"
UPC 015813890014
MPN#: MSS-89001

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It will drop to about half this in a year's time.

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Just about what a Glock should cost.

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I have to agree that the price will come down with time but I also will wait for any problems to surface and be resolved. I have the Shield and have never had a problem with it. Its tried and true. The new Taurus G2S ( a little larger than the Mossberg) also gets good reviews as does the older G2C. We are fortunate to have so many choices.

4 votes
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And I should pay a lot more for this than a Taurus G2 or M&P Shield..... why exactly?

2 votes
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Everyone's needs are different, but this appears to be a glock 43 with a $150 discount. It weighs 1 oz more, but is nearly identical in length, width, and height. You can't compare this to the double stack G2, unless you compare apples to lettuce because they are both plants and food. As long as it's not junk, it's arguably better than the shield because its smaller for concealment and holds 6,7,9 or 12 rounds depending on the magazines you use(it takes glock 43 mags). If you have larger hands, the shield may fit you better. As for the price, that will come down with time as all new firearms do. Me personally, I'm going to give it a year to see if they have problems and how much the price drops. Heck, the g2c MSRP is over $330, didn't take long for that to go down.

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Then don't buy it? It's a new gun, and plus I doubt you've shot it. I'm sure it's a decent pistol. Quit looking for attention and giving a bad review for no reason.

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2 votes

Don't get your panties all in a knot, Mossberg Boi.

I asked why I should pay more for this. Conversation about products is a driving force on this site, newb.

Also... it's cheaper with shipping from at least 2 other retailers.

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1 vote

Bought one got it a bit cheaper gun is just 'meh' about the same as my G2S Taurus .Although the Taurus is a bit more accurate for half the price.

2 votes
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