Military Law Enforcement Steel Inserted Leg Mil Spec Polymer Composite Grip+Bipod+side Rail - $10.63 shipped

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Military Law Enforcement Steel Inserted Leg Mil Spec Polymer Composite Grip+Bipod+side Rail
High Strength Polymer
Steel Shim Leg Insert
Side Picatinny Rail
Not a Grippod
ASIN: B00488TL2S

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Other Parts
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12 votes
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I have used both a real

I have used both a real grip-pod with the military (and purchased my own), and some of these knock-off-pods and there is little comparison. I actually had the knock off one break recently while shooting in sub zero Wyoming weather. Sure it's not always going to be sub zero, but it barely took a knock before snapping. The rule of thumb I follow when it comes to any firearms is, buy once cry once. I made the mistake of purchasing a couple knock-offs so my buddies could play civilian commando with me, and it was embarrassing.

If you're shooting bench, why on earth would you buy one of these anyways? Harris makes a very affordable, very high quality bi-pod for recreational shooters. Grip pods will always be a second best option for bench, and grip pods will always be a second best forward handle for any rifle. If you really need to make so many sacrifices, do it with the more expensive product.

And Ben/ jjmIII_Ruger, the *actual* grip pod is here
The actual ones you will see overseas on an American solider at least.
The one you linked to is also a knockoff, who knows how well it really works.
"The Grip Pod System™ (GPA™)"
GPA for GPS? Really. The reason it says GPA is because the actual company already has GPS locked down. Double check you have a MSN stamped, and you will be able to look it up and order it - and confirm its the 'real deal'.

Don't want to sound rude, but if somebody's going to go out and buy what they think is the real deal, lets get them pointed in the right direction. I have the GPS-02 and its fantastic for what it is (thats 7 ounces on an ultra light weight build)

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I have one of these and it is

I have one of these and it is of decent quality. No, its not as good as the real thing but its not just junk either. If you are going to buy one of these to go on deployment then you probably won't pass your piss test... this is good enough to take to the range, check out what went bump in the night or take out to an airsoft course. Its not made of the same polymer as the real deal but is fairly sturdy nonetheless.

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peeps need to verify, but my

peeps need to verify, but my understanding is that the LE version is NOT reinforced w/ steel.

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The difference between this

The difference between this and GripPod is that the real one I have used has been held up through hard work and I had no doubt that it will hold up with the metal lined bipod extension. I have seen these break at ranges and they were always airsoft knockoffs.

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I have used both, there is NO

I have used both, there is NO difference what so ever except price! I picked one up for bench plinking saved about $50!

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1 vote

Who is posting this airsoft

Who is posting this airsoft plastic garbage on a gun site?

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

There is the "real" one. Is it really worth $80? Honest question....anyone ever use both??

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This is the "real"

simon bauer, Jack Bauer's

simon bauer, Jack Bauer's little brother who went to work for the department of fish and wildlife

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Any relation to Eddie

Any relation to Eddie Bauer?
I've used both. I actually sold my real one with a rifle, but still have 2 knockoffs as they had a rail before the real one. They do the same thing and I probably wouldn't be rough on the original either. For the price and weight, a handstop or short vfg and/or harris bipod would still rule. I would locktite the ring at the bottom of the grip that keeps the legs and spring inside the tube, as I've found it to back out a thread after longer range sessions. Other than that, the ones with metal legs match the original. The FDE one had bad reviews but it's been fine for me. YMMV...

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