Designed to deliver exceptional performance with suppressed pistols and PCCs, Magtech® Range 9mm Subsonic 147gr FMJFN ammo delivers dependable accuracy and consistent ignition with a reduced concussion. Better yet, this ammo features premium brass casings, loaded with quality FMJ Flat Nose bullets, clean-burning powders, and quality boxer primers for reliable ignition and improved reliability in any environment.

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Bullet Weight: 147 Grain
Muzzle Velocity: 989 FPS
Applications: Target
Material: Brass
Round Count: 50

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Within a hour of me making the commment below they raised the price a dollar a box- $290 a case just below S&G I mentioned. Ill pass now on all their offerings. Not cool gunmagwarehouse.

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Decent deal on 147. 270 or so for a case shipped. S&G who is always reasonable if not the cheapest wants $300 a case shipped. If not suppressed Ill take NATO 124 but this is a decent price for subsonic. Id love to see Fiocchi 158 9APE for this price! Dream on.

With components where they are the primers projectile and powder will run you $27 a hundred for 147 subs. Less if you want to play with lead not jacketed. EWWWW. At some point im going to put the progressive on ebay and hang it up.

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It's 13.49 plus shipping not 12.49

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