The FNS™ series represents FN's striker-fired semi-auto pistol platform. Inherent to the striker-fired design, the FNS series is double-action. Three sizes are available, each in two calibers: 9mm, and .40 S&W.

Standard FNS features include:
- Striker-fired autoloader
- Available in standard and manual safety
- Fixed 3-dot sights (standard)
- Stainless steel slide
- External extractor with loaded chamber indicator
- Front and rear cocking serrations
- Cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel, with polished chamber and feed ramp
- Polymer frame construction with replaceable steel frame/slide rails
- Two interchangeable back-straps
- MIL-STD-1913 accessory mounting rail
- Serrated trigger guard
- Fully ambidextrous slide stop lever
- Fully ambidextrous magazine release
- Polished magazine body, with low-friction follower and polymer base pad
- Shipped with a fired cartridge, Owner’s manual, locking device, and soft case

- Item Condition New
- Caliber: .40 S&W
- Weight: 25.8 oz.
- Action: Semi-Auto Double Action Only
- Safety: Standard
- Sights: Fixed 3-dot, Night Sights
- Magazines Included: 3
- Magazine Capacity: (1) 14rd & (2) 10rd
- Slide Finish: Black Stainless Steel
- Frame Finish: Black Polymer
- Pistol Caliber: .40 S&W
- Barrel Length: 3.6"
- Barrel Thread Pitch N/A

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Do not buy! On recall list.

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Really? What the recall about?

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Firing out of battery, trigger pins walking out allowing the triggers to drop out of the gun, cracked sliderails causing slides to fly off.........gotta love FN quality........they had the brains to discontinue the pile of shit that is the FNS......only time will tell if the 509 is any better...

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I looked into the Baltimore story you referenced. It looks like they had a problem with the striker. FN issued a recall on certain models to replace the striker with a new one that won't randomly fire. It's unnerving for sure but I don't see much difference between this and the sig pistol going off when dropped. As for the slide, frame, and other problems you mentioned: I can't find and reference of those.

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1 vote

I ordered this gun from these guys and they are legit on receiving what you paid for, the only complaint I have is their customer service sucks. Sent 2 emails and never received a reply, called twice and no answer...this is a nice little edc gun for the money

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bought from this vender on a sunday night.
monday morning i got conformation emails
monday night i got a tracking number..
so far they seem legit. in case anyone was wondering :)

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Bought this from Scopelist a little over a month ago (paid $20 more but there was also a rebate for a free light) and it's been great! I am planning to pick up conversion barrels for 9mm and .357 SIG to keep my options open but it's definitely manageable in .40 S&W. You get the flush-fit 10-round, the 10-round with the pinky extension (my preferred carry) and a 14-round full size mag with sleeve that gives you a full-sized grip. It's been rock-solid and I highly recommend it. If you already have the standard or long-slide FNS-40 it's a great complement.

Edit:make that $40 more now ($439).

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Couldn’t agree more! Have 2 of the 4 inch and the compact! Best deal in the handgun market in my opinion! Europtic has been fantastic as well! Lovetthese

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