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Performance And Accuracy For Field Or Range
- 50 per box
- Centerfire Pistol ammunition
- Brass case, Boxer Primed

The Fiocchi Centerfire Pistol rounds offer the power and accuracy needed for a variety of shooting applications. Fiocchi of America Ammunition is manufactured with American sourced powders and high quality components. Fiocchi has been producing quality ammunition since 1876 and is proud to present a wide variety of products for hunters, target shooters, law enforcement and competitive shooters world-wide.


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I talked to the company about the Italian made ammo. Its SAAMI spec non +p ammo but made in Italy. It does not have the SAAMI logo because it is from Europe which has C.I.P. but the pressure is SAAMI spec non +p since its loaded for the US market and also meets C.I.P. spec, has to since its made in Europe. What american bulk company is the equivalent of Fiocchi, Winchester and Rem could put more effort into there cheap ammo, even the packaging and make it cheaper. This ammo is made in Italy but is the cheapest for sale. Is the EU subsidizing them? Why is European ammo cheaper in the largest gun market in the world, lol.

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Made in Italy

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Bought mine last night, heard good things about this ammo been shooting american eagle and pmc will see how this stuff works. Hoping to get cleaner burns than american eagle stuff is fairly dirty. Brownells shipped my order in less than 24 hours!

Update got my order within 4 business days. Brownells did not put any padding in the box and all my 50 round boxes were really beat up. I inspected a few rounds they look ok but that is ridiculous. Ammo depot always puts a ton of padding in the shipping box and my ammo boxes are always in pristine condition. For 17c a round though it is a good deal no doubt....

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Great deal on good ammo.

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Can't go wrong with this stuff.

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This is a good deal on great range ammo.

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