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Hone your skills with this reliable round by Federal®. Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 12528 Caliber: 9mm Luger, also known as 9x19mm and 9mm Parabellum Bullet Weight: 147 Grain Bullet Style: Full metal jacket flat point Muzzle Velocity: 1,000 FPS Muzzle Energy: 325 ft.-lbs. Mfg. Number: AE9FP Back to top
Item number: WX2-12528


Expiration date Unknown Report
Expiration date 2018-Oct-21 Report
Expiration date 2018-Oct-21 Report
Expiration date 2018-Aug-21 Report
Expiration date Unknown Report
Expiration date Unknown Report
Expiration date Unknown Report

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.15 per round right? (Im new to guns lol sorry if i got that wrong) but the math says if its 1000 rounds at .15 per round that = 150$ so the price is more .145 per round...... wait thats a better deal..... welp incase there are some people who need to know the exact math there it is and have a nice day

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Expected delivery of Jan 22. That doesn’t leave much time to get the rebate paperwork in before the cutoff. I got mine at Brownells.

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got one before,kind good

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Everyone acts like the membership is such an issue but unless you only buy a few boxes of ammo it's well worst while.

One order pre election last year I saved $92 on ammo with free shipping.

Do you buy a Costco membership to save $ same thing as sportsmans except sportsmans has the stuff you need.

Add 4 pay to the mix and it's well worth while on anything more than a box or two of ammo.

I do 3-4 orders a year of 2000-6000 rounds of ammo and free shipping alone makes it well worth the membership fee.

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It’s not just the good deals and free shipping for members that’s a perk. Their flex pay option is great. Makes things affordable to some that otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy some items.

2 votes
1 vote

Cheaper at Brownells right now without the membership game

1 vote
0 votes

Here goes SG listing their member price again like it's a real thing.

1 vote
1 vote

Another baby crying about a membership. I never hear anyone crying about Costco or Sam's. Dry your tears and shop somewhere else.

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0 votes
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