XM177E2 Upper Receiver 5.56MM 1-7 Twist 12.7"
Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO
Finish: Black
Style: Complete
Length: 12.7
Twist: 1-7
Meticulously Detailed Replica of the Vietnam Era Carbine Upper
For serious AR-15 collectors, one of the most coveted yet nearly impossible to find models is the XM177E2 carbine. Issued to Special Operations forces during the Vietnam War, the XM177E2 had a significantly shorter barrel than the standard-issue M16A1, making it a direct ancestor of the present-day M4 carbine. Now, with the Brownells XBRN177E2 Complete Upper Receiver Assembly, you can build your own Retro Rifle™ replica or custom variation of this famous carbine.
Like the original, the XBRN177E2 upper is built around our standard A1 "carry handle" rifle receiver. It comes outfitted with a forward assist and A1 rear sight assembly. It has an M16 bolt/carrier group with the extended shroud on the carrier to trip the auto-sear on full-auto/burst rifles (works just fine on semi-auto rifles). The BCG has a black phosphate finish with a chromed ID area on the carrier.
We offer the XBRN177E2 upper with these barrel options: a 12.7" barrel with 1-12" rifling that's excellent for lighter-weight bullets such as the 55 gr M193. Or get a 1-7" twist that works well with the heavier bullets favored by many AR-15 shooters. You can also get an 11.5" barrel with 1-12" rifling. All 3 barrels come with a replica of the XM177E2's "moderator" muzzle device with grenade launcher ring. On the 12.7" barrels, it is pinned and welded in place to meet NFA minimum barrel length requirements. The 11.5" barrel's moderator is NOT permanently attached, allowing for use in an SBR or pistol build (all NFA rules apply). Other features:
- Manufactured from ALL-NEW components
- Forged/machined 7075 T6 aluminum receiver
- Matte gray hardcoat anodized finish
- Chambered for modern 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington compatible)
- M16-type bolt / carrier group with extended carrier shroud for auto-sear
- Chrome-lined bore & chamber
Fully assembled and ready to attach to the lower receiver of your choice, the Brownells XBRN177E2 Complete Upper Receiver will have you wanting to build your own Vietnam Era carbine di di mau!

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