Those who prefer a pump gun can specify either open rifle sights or click adjustable ghost-ring sights for this all-business defense tool. A magazine cut-off button in the fore-end allows the chamber to be unloaded while leaving the rounds in the magazine undisturbed. The 3 1/2” chamber offers extras versatility. Two-Shot magazine sold separately to law enforcement agencies only.Benelli’s Nova Entry is a 12-Gauge pump action shotgun that integrates a polymer stock and lightweight receiver into a single unit for unsurpassed strength and weather resistance. High-Tech ergonomics make the gun comfortable to hold and easy to handle. Distinctive grooves on the pistol grip and forearm, in place of conventional checkering, provides a positive gripping surface and complements the innovative engineering of the Nova Tactical. Dual-Action bars and rotary head locking lugs, allow the Nova Tactical Shotgun to handle everything from light loads 2 3/4” to 3 1/2” magnum loads. A magazine cut-off on the forearm allows for safe carry with a full magazine and empty chamber. The Nova pump tactical shotgun is available with either open rifle sights, or a click-adjustable militarystyle ghost-ring for this all-business no-nonsense defense tool.Stock: StandardBarrel Length: 14"Overall Length: 35.5"Chamber: 3.5"Magazine Capacity: 4+1Chokes: BoreWeight: 7.0 lbs. 
MPN#: 21006
UPC#: 650350210064

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sorry but im not paying for the extra tax stamps and waiting forever for approval over a 2" barrel difference. 16" vs. 14" with an extra $200 fee and up to year long wait? nope...

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Then don’t

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The usual legal barrel length for a shotgun is 18" and 18"-14" = 4". However, if you don't want the shotgun my suggestion would be to not buy it.

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