Length : 181 mm // 7.1"
Height : 121 mm // 4.7"
Width : 30 mm // 1.18"
Barrel length : 102 mm // 4.0"
Weight w/o mag: 541 g // 19.1 oz
Weight w mag : 614 g // 21.6 oz

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Im confused about the mag release comments. Been sitting here with mine dropping mags for 10min. I have the grip set where the front side of my thumb hits it. Not one problem yet. However i will say i hate how snappy this thing is. Ive given up on the front finger trigger gaurd rest. And i am in no means an inexperienced shooter. The trigger pull feels heavier than the 4-5lbs reviewers claim but i have no gauge. The takeup and wall are great though.

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Lucky you, however I’m merely adding a sample size of many complaining about the same thing.

Thanks for the honesty about the recoil impulse. Lighter gun=heavier impulse,

Seems like the G43x is one of the few guns where the recoil seems lighter than it should be for the size and weight, likely due to the near full size grip.

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I have the gen2. Only have 100rds through it. Btw

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Reddit has explored the issues on the gen 1 release and looks to be mostly (if at all) unchanged. Head there for a read.

Personal opinion; they ditch the function-hindering ambi mag release just as cz did on the 2nd edition p10c. I avoided the cz altogether the first 4 years because of the ambi mag release, now own 2. Because, let’s honest, we’re ALL asking the same question or at least looking for the same thing, “What can this gun do better than a Glock?” S&W is the only company to get this ALMOST right with there first stab and knocked it out of the park w/ the 2.0 series release (minus proper front serrations). Yes, the arex gen 2 looks sick, but what does it do better than Glock? TBD. And apparently one thing I know it definitely does not do better...drop mags. I mean shit, if your taking on the behemoth, shouldn’t you at an absolute MINIMUM get the most basic stuff right (hopefully better) such as a mag release? And if not initially, then certainly by the gen 2?? F-me Arex. Seriously shit the bed on this one.

Pre-fakedemic mc2c could be found for $289.99 I just paid $499 for the elusive gray M. I made my statement after combing the internet for pricing on both the past 14+ days. Yes, KYGUNCO has it for $440 again now, but that supply will likely run out and buyer’s options head north of $500 quickly unless you want one in tactical peanut butter. Still some retailers demand a premium for even those baby poop parody colorations

Even if the difference was only $100, it still does not give AREX an excuse to release the same problem(s) that existed with the mag release on the gen 1. Speaking of that edition, those swelled up in price quickly, but now they have quickly returned to pre-fakedemic pricing ever since this new edition dropped. Proof that everyone in the supply chain took full advantage of us buyers by jacking up the prices on gen 1s until the market became flooded with them again, then gen 2 dropped. There is so little difference in the functional utility between the gen 1 & 2 that I would say if you can handle grip texture or prefer the look of the gen 1 buy it instead and save $100-160 dollars over the supposed “upgrades” the gen 2 has. The X Model may prove to be a different model in and of itself but reports thus far on the L model in a nutshell are this; the M is better than the L in all ways,..except in your girlfriend or wife’s eyes.

In being an owner of both there are few advantages the arex offers over the mc2c except OR (which kinda suck anyways due to plastic plates) and cooler looking factor. Dimensional the arex is a touch shorter at the grip when the 15 rd mag is in the mc2c, but that is truly about it.

Mc2c VS Delta M;

-American made
-Better trigger
-Way better mag release
-Better index point (gas pedals)
-More useable front serrations with wet hands
-Thinner feeling profile
-Slightly lightly recoil (YMMV)
-Better finish (DLC Model)
-Sight picture more shooters are use to (Though I much prefer the Delta’s sights.
-Less Money
-Virtually no sharp angles for comfortable carry/use

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Just picked one up

Everything that you see in youtube vids is accurate about these EXCEPT the mag release being “not that bad.”

I would say 2 out of 10 times it will release and only when you press it perfectly.

Bought a G43x, MC2C and 2 P10Cs the same day, mag releases all worked flawlessly out of the box (MC2C best overall). The Delta M needs work in this department as you mighta seen on reddit, but damn how does a pistol costing almost $200 less currently (with nearly exact specs) have an exceptional mag release and the Rex is a turd in this regard?

Come on Arex! Slim profiled is nice on a mag release, but nearly completely unreliable (especially if it were under stress) is a total miss, on a GEN II, da fuc?

With great updates to grip texture/design, rail and optics cut now included and 2 new sizes even, how hell did y’all let the mag release issue from the first iteration trickle down to the offspring?

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what do you think is the problem with the mag release and do you think theres any sort of modification that one could do to either fix or at least make the situation better? Wonder if there is or will be any sort of aftermarket support for the mag release? Lastly, where are you finding the MC2C for around $240? is that new or used? in store or online? Just curious

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Messed with mine all night. Its so low profile it will not drop a mag if youre using the pad or joint of your thumb. I need leverage and the tip/front side. Either people have the wrong grip or longer thumbs than i. Shave down the frame gaurding the release or buy an extended if it bothers people. Big woop.

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Sorry, but those statements do little to present a solid argument against all I (and many others) have stated.

I understand your sample size of one has worked out for you and that is fantastic.

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Not speaking to you shill.

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Please grow up.

There is no debate anyways.

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