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American Eagle® Tactical Rifle Ammo is optimized for reliable feeding and function in semi-auto rifles and carbines (MSR platforms). This is value-priced tactical ammunition for high-volume shooting, tactical firearms training, or stockpiling for times of scarcity. American Eagle Tactical Rifle Ammo is loaded with 55-grain FMJ bullets that will function reliably in semi-automatic and bolt-action firearms marked 5.56mm or .223 Remington. This is new production ammunition, loaded with non-corrosive primers in reloadable brass cases. Comes with a military ammo can.

Optimized for reliable function in semi-auto rifles
Value-priced tactical ammunition
Great for high-volume shooting
Loaded with 55-grain FMJ bullets
Reloadable brass cases
Function in 5.56mm or .223 Remington firearms
Includes military ammo can
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Every Bass Pro ad on here for ammo that claims to be instock, is NOT. If you order the ammo and something else they cancel the ammo and hope you still purchase the other item. I had to stay on hold for 40 min yesterday to make sure they canceled the other $5.00 item after they cancelled the ammo purchase.

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0 votes

Almost 3 (B)illion people are under movement restrictions or total lockdown....all reasonably priced ammo is out of stock.

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0 votes

Bass pro is scam

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0 votes

They delayed my order to May 15. Cancelled and the charge is still showing up on my account.

0 votes
0 votes

They authorized your card and the 'charge' will disappear. This is SOP at pretty much any retailer, gas station, restaurant, etc.

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0 votes
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