*NFA* and *Optics and Sights* Categories Added

We have added two new Categories:
- Optics & Sights

Optics & Sights Subcategories
- Binoculars
- Holographic Sights
- Iron Sights
- Magnifiers
- Mounts & Rings
- Night Vision
- Range Finders
- Red Dots
- Scopes

NFA Subcategories
- DDs
- Machine Guns
- Suppressors

Let us know if we missed any subcategories in the comments below

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CF380 P8027082 380 201801346 b7p47I4

This is great, but I think that the icon for services and optics got switched in the drop down menu

Can we add Night Sights as well? Tritium sights for both rifles and pistols are quite different than just plain old iron sights

thanks, this has been corrected

perhaps you meant "Machine" rather than "Mashine"?

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