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9 months ago , by Dealer
Quickly find where your optics need to re-attach. These handy low-profile clips were designed to be attached on the rail, against optics, lasers and other MIL-STD-1913 mounted accessories, providing a quick-index to return to the same point...especially in the dark. Each set comes complete with 72 total clips, 60 regular and 12, designed to hold tapeswitch wires along the rail's edge. LaRue IndexClips are easy to install, and stay-put until pried off (a Dillo's foot works really well for this). Several clips in a row can be used to protect a length of rail, and feature a non-slip surface.
10 months ago
Lok Picatinny (LAT) Handguards Slick Picatinny (SAT) Handguards Top of the morning to all y’all !! Here’s all the beer math you’re gonna need … Our new Affordable Overkill ™ handguard line is launching today at a penny per 0.001” = $10 an inch. The 10.0 models are … $100.00, etc. Yes, before you ask, the 12.0 models are $120.00, it’s that easy.