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2 weeks ago
Federal Premium's 338 Lapua Mag features a Hollow Point Boat-Tail Sierra® MatchKing® 300 grain bullet for amazing bullet expansion and deadly accuracy. Part of Federal Premium's Gold Medal brand, this round is manufactured under stringent controls in order to provide you with what many professionals and expert shooters consider one of the most accurate match rounds available from a factory. When you've got to make sure that shot counts, you can count on this round. This ammunition is brass cased, non-corrosive, boxer-primed and reloadable. Manufacturer Federal Condition New
23 months ago
Product ID 52826 .· UPC 754908511747 Manufacturer Sellier & Bellot Description Sellier & Bellot Rem Match 338 Lapua 250Gr Boat tail Hollow Point 10 100 SB338LMA Department Ammo › Rifle Caliber 338 LAPUA Rounds per box 10
71 months ago
Lapua® .338 Scenar FMJBT Magnum: Delivers a flat and low drift trajectory, even in the strongest crosswind. Excellent choice for long-range target-shooting and hunting, as well as military and law enforcement use. Lapua .338 Scenar HPBT Magnum: Elite Ammo for top-precision long-range sport-shooters. Both styles available in boxes of 10 rounds Stock No. 152167 Stock No. 152168