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11 months ago
Hornady® Precision Hunter™ Rifle Ammo delivers match-grade accuracy with a high-tech, expanding hunting bullet—the ELD-X™ (Extremely Low Drag eXpanding). ELD-X™ bullets have extremely high ballistic coefficients, secant ogives, and a boattail design for an exceedingly streamlined and aerodynamic shape to reduce air drag, minimizing bullet drop and wind drift. To counter the effect of heat deformation to the polymer tips, Hornady developed the Heat Shield™ tip, made from heat-resistant polymer, which maintains the bullet's aerodynamics for ultimate accuracy.
15 months ago , by Dealer
20 rounds per box Muzzle velocity of 3050 fps and energy of 2127 ft/lbs ELD­X bullet is the ideal load for any hunting situation because of its effective terminal performance at all practical ranges Heat Shield tip defies the effects of aerodynamic heating and retains its shape to maintain the highest-in-class BC over its entire trajectory