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19 hours ago
South Korea is no stranger to the M1 carbine, which saw substantial use in the country in the early 1950s. South Korea accordingly has manufactured tons of 30 Carbine ammunition, which they now occasionally send over to the American market. We snapped up pallets and pallets of this fine 80s era ammo, and are standing by to send out your share!
4 months ago
Aguila Rifle Ammunition gives shooters the advantage of high-quality rounds that hit dead center and cycle flawlessly shot after shot. "Non-Corr Priming" is used and guarantees reliable ignition in any weather conditions. These quality rounds produce remarkable consistency in both velocity and accuracy. This ammo is great for high-volume target shooting, varmint hunting, or intense tactical situations. Box of 50 rounds. Shipped ground only. MPN#: 1E302110 Item No. 269440
5 months ago
For years, UMC ammunition has created incredible performance for centerfire rifle shooters. Remington continues this trend with the UMC 40-Round Value Pack. Reliable accuracy and impact at an affordable price. The UMC 50-Round Value Pack is great for high volume shooting and hunting. Built for practice, target shooting, or practice. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases for a powerful shot that stays on target. Box of 50 rounds. Bullet Type Metal Case Bullet Weight 110 gr Caliber .30 Carbine Muzzle Velocity 1990 fps Quantity 50
6 months ago , by Dealer
TulAmmo .30 Carbine 110 Grain Full Metal Jacket Lead Core 1000 Rounds Per Case Mfg Item Num: TA301100 Caliber-Gauge: .30 CARBINE Item Code: TA301100 Quantity: 50 rounds
73 months ago
Tested, proven performance and value! TulAmmo™ .30 Carbine 110 - gr. FMJ Ammo, PRICED LOW ! .30 M1 Carbine Ammo that's on target and value heavy! It's tested and proven to perform even in extremes of temperature. Smooth-feeding steel cases. Berdan-primed, non-reloadable, non-corrosive, current production. 110-grain Full Metal Jacket bullet. Muzzle Velocity: 1,990 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 967 ft.-lbs. Load up on this deal ONLINE now! ITEM # WX2-212080