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2 months ago
$0.20 ppr $9.99
Note this does NOT seem to be the S&B made "Select Grade" we're used to, the box says "Made in USA". This is a new post to distinguish the old black/red S&B box & hopefully get some comments, reviews, etc. New orange box Herter's 9mm 115gr FMJ brass cased 1190 fps "Quality powders, bullets, primers Reloadable brass cases Consistent accuracy Affordable
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Cabela's 1274
29 months ago
$0.22 ppr $10.99
Clear cache or use a different browser, incognito or private session - By replacing costly brass cases and copper jackets with aluminum and nylon, USA-made Herter’s aluminum-case handgun ammunition keeps cost down while preserving clean-shooting reliability and accuracy. Sized to incredibly precise tolerances, the nonreloadable, aircraft-grade aluminum cases cycle smoothly. Premium-quality, round-nose lead bullets are coated with a Total Nylon Jacket (TNJ) to replace expensive copper jackets. TNJ bullets are inherently accurate, and cycle fluidly through semiautomatics.
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Cabela's 2921
31 months ago
$0.22 ppr $10.99
Herter's® Select-Grade TNJ Handgun Ammunition made by CCI - blazer - american made Clean-shooting, smooth-cycling ammunition Precision aircraft-grade aluminum cases Total Nylon Jacket bullets eliminate copper fouling Precision made in USA