The BulletSafe Protect-O-Panel is our most versatile bulletproof panel ever! This tall and flexible panel uses the same ballistic material as our Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest, providing the same NIJ Level IIIA protection over a huge area. The Protect-O-Panel measures 30.5" tall x 21" wide and weighs only 7lbs. It is large enough to cover.

The back of an office chair if your workplace environment is dangerous
Your car seat for when you drive through dangerous areas
Worn as a protective apron
It can cover a crouching person in active shooter situations
Anything that needs protection from bullets or high-energy projectiles.
Who benefits from the BulletSafe Protect O Panel? Maybe you work as a bomb technician but your department cannot afford a bomb suit, a demolitions expert in construction, or in manufacturing? Maybe you reload your own ammunition or handle explosive chemicals? Many jobs require you to work with dangerous substances, the Protect-O-Panel will have you covered.

There are lots of situations where the BulletSafe Protect-O-Panel could come in handy, and that’s what makes it so useful. When it comes to your protection, more coverage area and more potential uses are always better, and the Protecto Panel excels at both. Here are some possible uses:

Bomb Technicians Who Are Not Issued A Bomb Suit
Car Seat Protection
Office Chair Protection
Demolitions Experts
Range Officers
Gun/Ammunition Technicians
Machinists / Manufacturing
Fireworks Technician / Model Rocketry
Handling of Suspicious Packages
Protection of High Profile Witnesses or Defendants
Cashiers at Banks, Convenience Stores, Casinos, Check Cashing, OTB
Protection from Active Shooters
The BulletSafe Protect-O-Panel has a durable and washable carrier just like the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. The ballistic panel is enclosed in a 600 denier polyester carrier that protects it from wear-and-tear, and helps it last for a minimum 5 years, guaranteed. The Protecto Panel's carrier also has a plate pocket in the front, so you can upgrade the protection to NIJ level IV by adding on of our ballistic plates.

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