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Polymer80 Ar-15 80% Lower New

Version 3 Model

New Heavy Duty Design

Complete Kit With Jig Plus Mill Bit, Drill Bits & Instructions

The RL556v3™ features Polymer80’s proprietary polymer composite, a solid core design, flared magwell, and heavier mil-spec buffer tube housing. The pistol grip area features a unique threadless design specific to Polymer80 rifle lowers. This model heavier duty built to last stronger than previous models now comparable in strength to aluminum lowers the v3 lower by polymer 80 can handle the extreme shock of the new larger calibers like 450 bushmaster & 458 socom. Featuring a newly designed mag well & thicker reinforced areas of stress make this the best lower that polymer 80 has ever come up with. Polymer 80 has given the new v3 a hot new look squared off back and strong lines making this the best-looking polymer 80 Ar-15 lower on top of being the strongest. Backed by a lifetime warranty from polymer 80 you will have A quality & strong base to make your new firearm from.

80% Polymer AR15 Lower Receiver (Mil-spec)
Polymer Jig
Trigger Hole Drill Guide
Drill Bits and End Mill

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I've known a few people that never got polymer lowers to fit mil spec parts and uppers. This includes 80% kits and factory finished polymer lowers.

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I had to alter a factory finished poly lower to get it to work, trigger pocket was all fucked up. I still don't trust the buffer area to hold up, so I'll only use it on a dedicated .22 build.

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