KIMBER 1911 Custom LW 45ACP 5" 8+1 Pistol - Stainless / Ghillie Grips
Kimber Part #: 3700776
Semi Auto Pistol
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 8+1 Rounds
(1) 8 Round Magazine
Slide Finish: Stainless Steel
Frame Finish: Alumimum
Barrel Length: 5"
Front Sight: Fiber Optic
Rear Sight: 2 Dot White
Grips: Gray Laminate
Model 1911 Custom
UPC 669278377766

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Why are Kimbers now cheaper than Girsans. Is this a great deal or are kimbers wuality going down.

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Entry-level model, with a no frills aluminum frame, limited features, and one mag. $630 normal price at LL...this is 620 shipped...there may be better deals. I'd say this model Kimber is most directly competing with the Ruger LW, although Kimber may think they don't compete with anyone. The Kimber shows a higher resale value than Ruger or any foreign 1911. If you are serious about these features I think there is better quality and value in the Springfield Ronin.

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Good question. Turkish Lira has fallen by about 300% in last couple years. US dollars buy a lot there. Their tooling tends towards the new sharp and modern. Thats a lot of the quality race with CNC. Maybe Kimber has fallen by the wayside I dont know. My guess is Girsan is dominating because its a superior product and Kimber is having to cut their margin to keep up with the leader. I dont know but all I hear is Girsan Girsan Girsan. Since Turkiye seems about to go to war with the USA that might be the tinyest consideration. Not to mention for a freakin 1911. A Turkish 1911 is like a German Enfield.

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Stay away from locked and loaded shit heads. 8 to 15 working days to ship order. Almost a month to receive! Don't support this liberal scum blue state retailer with this kind customer service!

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5 votes

You've made 10 comments, 8 cussing out LockedLoaded and two more hating on another. Thanks for the info. We got it.

5 votes
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No kidding, dude is a whine bag. L&L is pretty legit! Great prices when times are tough. Order from them all the time, typically ships in a week +/-. Go find a job or something to do......

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Is this the one that was given to John wick?

2 votes
0 votes
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