The Geissele Super Duty AR-15 Rifle was designed with the philosophy that high quality doesn’t mean high cost. This 14.5” rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO is built to the standards that you come to expect from Geissele Automatics with all the popular features that you love. It is built on a Mil-Spec receiver set and assembled with the Geissele Super Duty lower parts kit that includes the ambidextrous Posi-snap safety selector, Super Duty trigger guard, Maritime Extended bolt catch, and the SSA-E X Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced trigger. The 14.5” barrel is precision machined and button rifled in house and features a heavy profile and mid-length gas system. Combined with the Super 42 buffer spring and H2 buffer weight keep this rifle running reliably and shooting flat. Why build a rifle from the ground up when you can grab this one off the shelf with all the parts you were going to use anyway.

14.5” pinned and welded
Heavy profile
Chambered in 5.56 NATO
Anodized Black
Nitride finished and button rifled
Chrome lined
Mid-Length with Super Compact gas block
Super 42 buffer spring and H2 buffer
Super Duty LPK with SSA-E X trigger with lighting bow
13.5” SMR MK16 free float M-LOK handguard
3-Prong flash hider
B5 Systems carbine stock

The Geissele SMR MK16 is a 13.5” free float handguard with M-LOK attachment slots for quickly adding lights and grips and features an extremely durable barrel nut attachment system that is also easy to remove. Additional features that come with this rifle is the B5 Systems carbine stock, an A2 pistol grip, and the Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group with a stress relieved bolt and improved geometry for a better functioning rifle.

Geissele Automatics manufactures confidence, offering quality triggers and components for the warfighter and competitor. They were established in 2004 with the mission to build the highest quality, reliable triggers for competition and their first trigger, the Hi-Speed National Match trigger, was so popular that they were asked by the Department of Defense to produce a select-fire trigger for the United States Special Operations. Again, it was a success and Geissele decided to bring a semi-automatic version to the civilian market for law enforcement and personal protection.

Barrel CoatingSalt Bath Nitride
Barrel ContourHeavy
Barrel Length14.5
Barrel LiningChrome
BrandGeissele Automatics
Caliber Gauge5.56 NATO
Gas System LengthMid-Length
Gas System TypeDirect Impingement
Handguard13.5 in M-LOK Rail
Muzzle DeviceSureFire 3-Prong Fl... Pinned and Welded
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28
Twist Rate1:7

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They sell the law enforcement version of this rifle for $800 look it up. They charge dumb fools over $1000 in cushion just so ThEy cAn HaVe A jiZzElLe!

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For $1750 it better be pinned !

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I just cannot justify spending this much on a "patrol rifle"... I can build a custom rifle with many more features and parts for that amount of money. I cant figure out why a rifle like this costs 3-4 times more than any other basic rifle, simply because the name stamped on it? I see nothing on this rifle that justifies the price.... thats my opinion anyhow.

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The listing shows conflicting information, claiming both chrome lined and nitride. It will surprise me if Geissele actually uses an "economical" barrel at this price range, especially considering how much other parts cost.

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*** make sure you take note - this is not a cold hammer forged, chrome lined barrel like many of the Geissele SD's come with today. It's a nitride barrel with button rifling which is similar to their more economical 'duty' lineup for LE ***

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With all that it has going for it, going cheap on the barrel wasn't wise. At 18 Bill's and DI, that's not a compromise I would be willing to make. I use a lot of their products but I always kid about them putting "super" in front of everything they make. This just gave me another joke for the Ford guys out there.

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