1: 6 Color optional
2: These CZ Grips fit Tristar P120, Canik full size, CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, CZ 75b, CZ75 Shadow Target, CZ75 BD and more.
3: Ergonomic Design, Golf Ball Dimple Texture Very Aggressive. They are slightly slimmer than the factory palm swell grips, that allows for someone with smaller hands a better touch, easy to install and add a great look to the gun
4: CNC machined from strong durable non slippery G10, It has very high mechanical strength, It is difficult to break.
5: This is an amazing gift for your husband, father, or friends For yourself, it is also a good choice.
ASIN#: B07J58F5F3
Coupon: GUUUN020

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Put in cart, went to check out, added discount code, is invalid and didn't work. Emptied cart.

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IMHO, spend 3x this and go with LOK Grips instead. Fitment is literally perfect, and it will increase the value and appeal of your pistol. Many of these cheaper options (can't speak to these, exactly) have poor fitment and flex in the grip panel. Doesn't exactly create a lot of confidence when you bear down on your grip.

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