Get the cutting-edge advantage of SMART HD thermal technology in a close-range optic with the ATN® Thor LT Rifle Scope. Obsidian Core technology is simple and easy to use, with a classic ergonomic design to give you the familiarity of a traditional optic plus the visual edge of a 1280x720p HD display. Choose either a black hot or white hot display and mount the scope using standard 30mm rings. Get on target faster and take fewer shots getting there with the One Shot Zero function. Instead of dialing around to fine tune your scope, take your first shot, adjust your reticle and let the Thor LT do the rest. Hardened aluminum alloy construction is built to withstand high caliber recoil yet stay light and compact enough to be used as a crossbow mount. This model comes with ATN's Dual Ring Cantilever Mount, so it's ready for action right out of the box. Obsidian Core LT processor is the cutting edge technology behind the Thor LT One Shot Zero makes sighting in your scope easy to save expensive ammo for when you need it most Hardened aluminum alloy construction is paired with impact-resistant electronics for use on high caliber weapons Li-ion battery keeps you in the field longer with up 10 hours of use time Rugged, weather-resistant housing is redesigned to allow easy mounting with standard 30mm rings Multiple reticle patterns Includes ATN Dual Ring Cantilever Mount Order today!
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