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【1】With Function VFO & Memory channels scan,Dual display / Dual standby/ Auto Keypad Lock
【2】The Radio is necessary for traveling, survival, hiking, cycling, work, camping, fishing, Emergency Alarm. it is Walkie talkie lover's favorite.
【3】In addition to the original Baofeng antenna, we also gave away a bend freely 2X771 soft antenna to increase the communication distance and make your conversation smoother.
【FCC Certificate】FCC Part 15 Part 97 Certified,FFC ID: 2AJGM-UV5R
【5】Package Include: 2 X Portable radio 2 X Baofeng Antenna 2 X 771 Soft Antenna 2 X 1800mAh Li-ion battery 2 X Charger 2 X Belt clip 2 X The sling 2 X Earpiece 2 X User's manual

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So, the Amazon seller I bought these from was StepRite-US - After trying many different things I could not actually determine what was defective. It could have been the radios, the chargers or the radio's. I tried everything to make these things work. I was getting error codes from both chargers. I sent them back today.

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