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26 months ago
With parts imported from Poland, then assembled here in the state by James River Armory, you know you are getting an authentic AK experience with this gun as soon as you examine it. Be sure to stock up on some ammo when you grab it as well, for endless time at the range! POLISH AK-47 FEATURES
Gunprime 34157
45 months ago , by Dealer
This beautiful AK-47 Rifle got its start at the Pioneer Arms factory in Radom Poland with the final U.S. compliance and finish work being done here in the U.S. by Pioneer Arms USA. Rifle possesses the original high-quality Polish Receiver and Barrel and many of the original Com-Bloc characteristics that you would expect from a Polish-based rifle... However, contains enough U.S. parts to make it fully U.S. 922r compliant.
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