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11 months ago
Noveske Gen 3 Upper Receiver ChainsawChainsaw:NOVESKE CHAINSAW grade rifles and components are perfect for the guy (or bad ass chick) who plans on using his rifle as a tool. We strive for perfection in every way, including setting the industry standard for cosmetic perfection. Inevitably, there are parts that do not make it past our incredibly stringent quality control for minor cosmetic blemishes. These culled parts will still deliver the same performance you can expect from a NOVESKE product.
14 months ago
Gen III precision machined billet receiver from 7075-T6 w/extended feed rampsHard Coat Type III AnodizingAnti-rotation interface for NSR, NHR, and NQR Handguards.Compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15 parts and accessories MPN#: 03000169