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22 hours ago
Birchwood Casey Firearm Nylon Double Ended Cleaning Picks make it possible to reach those nooks and crannies that brushes just can’t reach. They make deep cleaning your firearms less frustrating and more efficient. These cleaning picks offer the ability to penetrate spaces a normal brush has no chance of reaching. These Birchwood Casey picks are a non-marring, double ended tool that quickly and effortless removes dirt and grim from your favorite firearm. They can handle any corner, gap and narrow space with confidence.
7 months ago
A clean firearm is a safe and accurate one. Keep your valuable equipment functioning at peak performance with Birchwood Casey’s Universal Gun Cleaning Kits. Since 1948, serious shooters, hunters, avid collectors and professional gunsmiths have relied on Birchwood Casey for shooting and gun care products that have stood the test of time. From legendary Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish and Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue to revolutionary Shoot•N•C Targets, Birchwood Casey has pioneered innovative products with an unwavering dedication for quality. ASIN#: B00RQD08FG Model number#: 41603