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2 days ago
Gun Scrubber Cleaner cleans and evaporates fast With an occasional blast, Gun Scrubber eliminates firearm jams while improving accuracy and reliability Excellent for automatics, bolts, lever and slide actions, as well as shotguns, air rifles, and muzzleloader Included Components: See Description 10 oz net wt Standard Size Aerosol ASIN#: B0009O97AQ Model number#: G2A10
3 months ago
Birchwood Casey Gun Plumber Handgun Folding Multi-Tool is the right tool for the job. The multi-tool provides the capability to work on your 1911 or striker fired pistols on a multitude of tasks. In short, anybody can be a gunsmith with Birchwood Casey’s Gun Plumber Handgun Folding Multi-Tool. It is a pocket-sized, portable multi-tool for quick repairs at the range or in the field. The Birchwood Casey high-quality steel construction offers durability and ensures a long service life. It features an integral patch loop and separate internal threaded rod for quick and effective bore cleaning.
10 months ago
A clean firearm is a safe and accurate one. Keep your valuable equipment functioning at peak performance with Birchwood Casey’s Universal Gun Cleaning Kits. Since 1948, serious shooters, hunters, avid collectors and professional gunsmiths have relied on Birchwood Casey for shooting and gun care products that have stood the test of time. From legendary Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish and Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue to revolutionary Shoot•N•C Targets, Birchwood Casey has pioneered innovative products with an unwavering dedication for quality. ASIN#: B00RQD08FG Model number#: 41603