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1 week ago
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2 weeks ago
All-in-one power tool includes the most popular case preparation accessories in one unit driven by a single high-torque, low-RPM motor ideally suited to case prep work. Nothing else to buy to get started! Quick, easy cleanup, too - just brush all the brass chips into the removable collection pan. Includes attachments to perform these case prep operations: deburr case neck inside (VLD) and outside; clean/lubricate case neck; clean/uniform primer pocket and ream out primer crimp on military brass (includes attachments for both large and small pockets).
11 months ago
Our Master Gunsmith Tool Set is one of the most complete gunsmith and mainte- nance kits available!
17 months ago
Features Heavy duty cast iron frame and turret Extra-large 8 station turret is easily removed to make swapping turrets simple. Holds two complete 4 die sets or up to four 2 die sets 1” diameter ram Comes with straight line primer feed with large and small primer tubes Precision fit and smooth operation Large press opening, works with the largest cases For added safety, the primer feed comes with a heavy steel shield which surrounds the primer tubes. Right or left hand operation Durable powder coat finish Weight 23 pounds
22 months ago
749-013-758WB Lyman Accu-Touch 2000 Scale Capacity: 2000 grains Resolution: 0.1 grains Description Specs
29 months ago
Lyman's Turbo Sonic ultrasonic cleaner uses a combination of heated solution and ultrasonic frequency vibrations to break loose the toughest carbon and powder fouling in 10 minutes. Millions of small, fast-moving bubbles penetrate deep into the tiniest nooks and crannies, leaving heavily-fouled cases or gun parts clean as new. Features five, timed cleaning cycles from 3 minutes all the way up to 8 minutes for complete hands-off operation. Large 84 oz. (2.5 liter) stainless steel tank holds up to 240, 308 Winchester cases or 900, 9mm cases.
31 months ago
Lyman's popular Expert Kit has always been the one kit with a complete selection of top quality equipment - including the Universal Case Trimmer. This is a truly complete selection of the best reloading tools in one package. Just add components and start loading your own high quality, custom ammunition. For powder handling, this kit combines both a Pro 500 Scale and Lyman's famous #55 Powder Measure. In addition, it is difficult to find another kit that includes any case trimmer, much less the efficient Universal Case Trimmer with 9 pilots.
65 months ago
Description Lyman's unique Case Prep Multi-Tool provides the reloader with all the essential case preparation accessories in one compact, double-ended storage tool. Unique knurled handle untreads in the middle to store all parts. Both ends of the handle are threaded to allow two tool heads to be mounted simultaneously. Includes: - Outside Deburring Tool - VLD Inside Deburring Tool - Large & Small Primer Pocket Cleaners - Large & Small Primer Pocket Reamers 100-020-135WB Lyman Case Prep Multi-Tool Mfr Part: 7777800
66 months ago
Each carbide 3-die pistol set contains a full length sizing die, 2-step expander die, and bullet seating die with roll crimp option. The sizing die features premium Tungsten Carbide sizing rings that eliminate the need for sizing lube and a one-piece, hardened tool steel decapping rod strong enough to use on crimped primer pockets. The seating die comes with extra seating die screws for a perfect fit with all popular bullet nose shapes. Fits all presses with industry standard 7⁄8" x 14 threads, including RCBS, Lee, Hornady, Dillon, Redding and others. Shell holder sold separately.