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Henry H010 45-70 Lever 45-70 Government 18.43" American Waln

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$613.37-$38 S/H on Firearms
$616.61-$29.99 for firearms
$627.99-$14.95 for guns, $8.95 for accessories
$629.00-Firearms FREE, Other $7.95 Flat Rate
$631.34-Free Shipping on all Firearms and NO Credit Card Fees!
$633.70-Calculate Postage in Cart
$634.75-Free S/H over $199
$636.70-$0 - $39 on Firearms
$639.83-Free for Firearms, $9.99 Flat for Ammo
$643.73-Free S/H on Firearms
$645.00$664.35 (3%)US:::0
$649.82-Additional ($20-$30 on Firearms)
$649.83-(Free S/H on Firearms)
$651.64-$25 per order
$651.99$671.55 (3%)Free S/H on Guns, Accessories Flat Rate $11.99
$654.99-Firearms and Ammo, $10.95, Other $7.95
$657.03-$7.99 on Firearms, $12.99 on Unlimited Ammo Additional on accessories
$658.97-9.99-29.99 Per Item
$660.14-Free on Firearms, Flat $14.95 on acc/ammo
$685.61-Free on Firearms, Flat $14.95 on acc/ammo
$665.51-$10 Flat for Firearms
$665.51-Firearms Ship Free
$671.89-Firearms Ship Free
$675.55-Firearms Ship Free
$675.55-Firearms Ship Free
$754.79-Firearms Ship Free
$754.79-Firearms Ship Free
$667.58-$7.77 per order
$678.00-$7.77 per order
$678.00-$7.77 per order
$670.10-$25 Handguns, $20 Long Guns
$679.35-$15 Shipping on Firearms
$687.16-Firearms: $7 for the first item, $3 after that
$687.50-$29.99 on Firearms, $11.99 on accessories
$729.97-$9.99 Flat Rate - Additional on accessories
$729.99-Free in-store Pickup
MAP-All You Can Ship Starting at $9.95
$769.99-Free S/H over $75
$668.99$689.06 (3%)Most Firearms ship for FREE
$679.99- Free
$689.95-Everything Ships Free!
$699.99-$30 on Guns (Free w/code SHIP30 over $500)
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Price: $641.50
@Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore

.45-70 LEVER ACTION RIFLE W/ GHOST SIGHT - $641.50 (Free S/H on Firearms) A caliber that traces its origins from the battlefield to its modern-day presence in hunting camps across the country.Introduced by the U.S. Army in 1873, this cartridge was first known as the .45 Government. As it made its way into commercially produced firearms the name .45-70 appeared, because it was loaded with a 70 grain blackpowder charge with 405 and 500 grain bullets. Virtually all rifle making companies of the late 19th century chambered their single shots and lever actions for the .45-70. As those companies and their rifles faded away, the .45-70`s popularity did not.
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@Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore

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Price: $562.27

Henry Repeating Arms Repeating Arms HENRY LEVER ACTION 45-70 BL/WD - $562.27 ($7.99 S/H on firearms) HENRY LEVER ACTION 45-70 BL/WD SKU: H010UPC: 619835100009Manufacturer: Henry Repeating ArmsManufacturer part number: H010
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