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Hornady Custom, .300 Whisper, A-MAX, 208 Grain, 20 Rounds

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Price: $28.75
Price per round: $1.435
@Lucky Gunner

300 Whisper - 208 gr Subsonic A-MAX - Hornady - 20 Rounds - $28.75 If you're looking to get custom-grade ammunition at a factory-produced price, you've found your match. Hornady's super efficient 300 Whisper round is perfect for those shooters who are serious about their sport. Featuring Hornady's 208 grain A-Max bullet, the projectile leaves the muzzle of a 16" barrel at subsonic speeds so it's a great round to use with a suppressor. The 300 Whisper caliber is compatible with the 300 AAC Blackout caliber. This round is new production, non-corrosive and is in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases. Quantity - 20 rounds per box
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@Lucky Gunner

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Price: $54.50
Price per round: $1.090
@RTBA Wholesale

SUBSONIC - 300BLK Hornady 208gr AMAX Qty 50 - $54.50 Subsonic round using re-manufactured military brass, CCI primers, and a Hornady 208gr AMAX bullet. Muzzle velocity: 1040 ft/sec (16" bbl, 1:7 twist) Muzzle Energy: 500 ft/lb Effective Range: 200 yds
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@RTBA Wholesale

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