The product photo may not represent the complete detail of the item being purchased.Please verify the product based on the model #, UPC #, description and specifications before ordering.ZVLPGMOD17-TH PRODUCT DETAILS FAMILY:G17 Series MODEL:ZEV G17 G4 Spartan ODG TH TYPE:Semi-Auto Pistol ACTION:Safe Action FINISH:Black DLC STOCK/FRAME:Polymer Frame WEIGHT:23.5 oz. CALIBER/GAUGE:9mm CAPACITY:17 + 1 # OF MAGS:3 MAGAZINE DESC:17 rd. BARREL:5.04" OVERALL LENGTH:7.78" SIGHTS:Fiber Optic Front/Black Rear ADDL INFO:Z17 Spartan Slide RMR Cut ADDL INFO:Match Grd Dimpled Threaded BBL ADDL INFO:Custom Trigger/Stippled Frame GUN CASE:Custom Hard Case EXCLUSIVE:LIPSEY'S EXCLUSIVE
MPN#: 811338032157

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Interesting feedback. These types of Glocks are not for me. But calling Zev technologies “home made” is just silly. They are one of the top American “manufactures” pushing the envelope in the firearm industry. Regarding the price point, adding a cut out and stippling plus cost of stock Glock out you around $1k. The gentlemen above referenced a couple companies that do stippling, I know one of them them and they will run you $275 with shipping for similar upgrade. Not including all the other upgrades on this gun which are significant (barrel, sights, rod, springs, trigger, mag ext, billet safety, etc. Plus it comes with the factory slide, extra mags, hard case, etc... So if your looking at doing a couple of these upgrades this is the direction to go. Just some food for thought. One could also say why would you spend $600 on a new glock when you can buy a Sar for $300. They are both poly and shoot 9mm. With all that said I do have 3 Glocks all bone stock and they run just fine. If I wanted to add a red dot and suppress the gun this would be the option I go. I do have an fnx Tactical with many of same options this glock has and it ran me over $1k minus the trigger upgrade and stippling. I don’t think $1,200 is bad. Now the original retail price not this of $1,750 is crazy.

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LOL $1,200 Glocks.

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Only a complete moron would buy this or those $150K HKs.

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That crooked ass stippling being passed as “high quality”. Check out quality work from someone like bore aight solutions or 5bgunworks that’s trash

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Yeah, nothing like a few "homemade" changes and doubling the price.

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